Your Privacy is Important!

You must be concerned about your privacy if you are reading this message. That is great because we care about privacy too. Your time is valuable so we will keep it simple.

  1. If you sign up for any Overci services, we save your registration information. If you sign up for any paid Overci services, we also save your subscription information.
  2. We use this information and cookies to send you occasional newsletters that include an opt-out link, to bill for any paid services, and to give you access to Overci content and services.
  3. We promise to not sell your information to third parties. We promise to not transfer your information to third-parties who are not required to perform business.
  4. We hate spam too! Every promotional email we send will include a link to opt-out of such future communication.
  5. All interactions with Overci's website are always encrypted with SSL. This means everything you do here is private and secure.

That’s all for now. This policy may be changed in the future and the latest version will always be published here. We realize you have placed your trust with Overci, and it is our goal to respect that trust and your privacy.